Pierre Griscelli

Sound Design • Music • Audio Engineering

Video Games + Movies + Bands

  • Genre: Platformer
  • Number of player(s): 2
  • Plateform: PC
  • Game engine: Game Maker
  • Sound engine: Game Maker
  • Team: 1 producer, 1 graphic designer, 1 programmer, 1 usability expert, 1 audio designer

A parchment has revealed a secret hidden in the Pharos of Alexandria! Play as two scientist in order to solve this mystery and discover that the Pharos of Alexandria is much more than it seems to be ... Phare Away is a cooperative game with 2 players. You will have to discover the secret mechanisms of the lighthouse's machines and their functions quickly, then coordinate your actions for maximum efficiency, and with some luck, see all of the 3 endings!

Audio Design & Music

  • 8 bits/Oldschool music
  • Low res Foleys


Team members

  • Olivier PENOT, Producer
  • Alban CHAGNOLEAU, Programmer
  • Germain MAZAC, Programmer
  • Francois 'Chronodrax' KMETTY, Game Design
  • Jonathan DRI, Art
  • Cedric MONDAMERT, User Experience
  • Pierre-Jean GRISCELLI, Audio
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