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Pierre Griscelli

Sound Design • Music • Audio Engineering

Video Games + Movies + Bands

  • Genre: 2D/3D Platformer
  • Number of player(s): 1
  • Plateform: PC
  • Game engine: Unity3D
  • Sound engine: Wwise
  • Team: 1 producer, 2 graphic designers, 2 programmers, 2 game designers, 1 usability expert, 1 audio designer


  • Perspective is a 3D puzzle/action game in which you control a 2D avatar.
  • It is not affected by gravity and moves against the walls of a big city.
  • The vegetation overruns buildings, attacking and preventing you to progress in the adventure.
  • Muto is a NPC. You must help mutualy to escape from the city.
  • Muto can transform objects from 2D to 3D, your avatar has the invert power.

Audio Design & Music

  • Foley and SFX design
  • Interactive ambiance design including a weather cycle
  • Implementation including 3D objects and binaural sound (important objects and characters use binaural sounds, the rest uses Wwise 3D audio engine)
  • Music composition
  • Soundbank management and ingame testing


Team members

  • Charles MOUNAL, Producer
  • Sebastien CARDONA, Programming
  • Kevin FAURE, Programming
  • Colin GALLETTO, Game Design
  • Simon CHAUVIN, Game Design
  • Geraud SOULIE, Art
  • Remi CHAPELAIN, Art
  • Joel GUEULIN, User Experience
  • Pierre-Jean GRISCELLI, Audio
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