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  • Company: E.D.S Studios Davout
  • Location: Paris, France
  • Job function: Assistant Audio engineer
  • Period: 2 months during summer 2010
  • Referees: Olivier Kowalski, Marc Prada, Fernando Pereira Lopes
  • Website:
  • Playlist: Play Studios Davout media Studios Davout media

Great and popular artists have been recording at Davout since its creation in 1965. Nowadays, four different studios are available for recording sessions but the A-studio is the most known for its natural acoustics and its orchestral room (largest cubic capacity in Paris). I joined this studio to improve my experience recording and mixing bands.


As intern in Davout Studios, I've been assistant in several recording sessions. Here are some artists which I have been working for:

    Philippe Rombi: Orchestral recording session for the original soundtrack of « Rien à Déclarer » (Dany Boon, 2011), more than 60 players were on the A-room. Instruments: Violins, Altos, Cellos, Double-basses, Winds, Percs, Harp, Piano (Fazioli). Sound engineer: Stéphane Reichart. Release: 2010.

    Princess Erika - Juste Erika: Full album. Instruments: Female voice, Female Choir, Guitar, Bass, Drummer. Sound engineer: Fernando Pereira Lopes. Release: 2011.

    Damien Saez: Essais. Instruments: Male & female Voices, nylon Guitar, Piano.

    Zabel - Douce Folie: Full album. This was the first studio album for this group. This has been a great experience for me. Instruments: Male Voice, Choirs, clean Guitar, several distorded Guitars, Piano, Fender Rhodes, Clavia Nord expander, Bass, Double-bass, Drummer, Violins, Cello, Musical saw, Percs. Sound engineer: Patrice Courtois. Release: December 2011.

    Kora Jazz Trio: Several recording sessions. Instruments: Kora, Piano, Percs. Sound engineer: Jean-Loup Morette.

    Calogero: Orchestral parts of « VO-VS » album (2010). These sessions have been recorded at Guillaume Tell studios (Paris) at the end of my experience at Davout. Instruments: Violins, Altos, Cellos, Double-basses, Winds, Percs, Harps. Sound engineer: Roland Guillautel.

Davout Studios is also a great place for its microphones set. Here is a list of mics I used:

  • Tube: Neumann U47 Valve, Neumann U67, Neumann M149, Sony C800G
  • Cond (large diaph): Neumann U47 FET, Neumann TLM170, AKG C414
  • Cond (small diaph): Shoeps MK22, MK4, Neumann KM184, Bruel & Kjaer 4007
  • Dynamic: Electrovoice RE20, Shure SM57, SM58, Sennheiser E904, E908, MD421, AKG D112
  • Boundary: Crown PZM


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