Pierre Griscelli

Sound Design • Music • Audio Engineering

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Audio Designer / Composer

  • Company: Script Games Studio
  • Location: Montpellier, France
  • Period: 6 months (Summer 2009)
  • Referee: Stephan Rocoplan

Script Games Studio has been a Serious Game development studio which has worked as military consultant for Ubisoft and french army. Afterwards they wanted to expand their activities, creating their first iPhone game: Bellum Tactics. I joined the studio as Sound Designer for this project.


First-of-all, there was no Sound Designer at Script Games Studio and Bellum Tactics was at the game concept document step when I arrived. Thus my first job consisted in writing the Sound Design document. Afterwards my boss announced we had an authorization to visit a bootcamp to get some textures and soldiers animations: I asked to get a mic. These days at bootcamp permitted me to record:

  • Gun shots: FA-Mas (assault rifle), PA-Mas (pistol)
  • Ambiances: Longshot training field, rain & wind, troops moving
  • Engines: Cars and trucks
  • Foleys: Footsteps, gun clips, reloading, clothe noises, metallic sounds and everything I could record!

Being the only one Sound Designer on this project, I could work on the whole audio pipeline, like composing music, creating ambiances, writing ingame voice texts (french and english), adjusting media for iPhone (mastering), integrating sounds ingame. Additional works consisted in:

  • Producing sound for the trailer
  • Producing ingame videos for youtube
  • Developing Bellum Tactics website (actually closed)

To get more information about this project or just listen samples, check Bellum Tactics.


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